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CA, formerly known as Computer Associates, is a multinational computer software corporation headquartered in Islandia, New York. Founded in 1976 by Charles Wang and Russ Artzt, the company develops and markets information technology (IT) management software. The company articulates its vision of how enterprises can harness the power of IT through what CA calls Enterprise IT Management (EITM). EITM divides into three broad categories across distributed or mainframe environments: 1. Govern – Help make better decisions by giving enterprises insight into their IT investments and risk from a single place. 2. Manage – Make it easier to manage technology so that high-quality IT services can be delivered at a competitive cost. 3. Secure – Ensure secure access to the information, applications, systems and services needed to conduct business. CA is one of the ten largest software companies in the US, with software revenues of close to US$ 4 billion.

Company information
Primary business sectors Infrastructure Software
Secondary business sectors Databases, System Management
Employees 13,700
Software Top 100 position (2011)
Previous Software Top 100 position 11
Financial information
Total revenues 2010 (mln US$) 4,454
Total revenues 2009 (mln US$) 4,318
Software revenues 2010 (mln US$) 4,136
Software revenues 2009 (mln US$) 4,012
Software revenue growth (%yoy) 3.1%
Software/Total % 92.9%
General information
Microsoft investor relations url
Financial year end March 31st
Financial year correction 1/4 FY 2010 + Q1/Q2/Q3 FY2011
Software revenue calculation
Subscription Revenues + Software Fees + Maintenance
Other research remarks Total rev 2011:4353/4 + 3366 SW:4061/4 + 3121 2010 Tot:4271/4 + 3250, SW rev 3772/4 + 141/4 + 2919 + 115

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