Research services

We love to research! And we like to share our research with the public, as we believe in openness and freedom of information. Click here for a list of our free online research publications about the IT industry.

In addition to our public work, we provide select premium research services to corporate customers and public organisations.

Software industry segment lists

Using our database of 10,000 software companies worldwide, we make customized lists of software companies per country and per software market segment. All listed software companies come with updated software revenue information. Revenue information is collected manually by reading annual reports in order to achieve the highest data quality possible. Automated sources are only used as starting points. This sets us apart from other research agencies. Our tailored lists are useful for those who need a high quality list of the top players a specific software industry segment. Our lists do not come with contact details.

Software industry analysis

We have been analyzing the software industry for many years. Long enough to be able to see technology trends and forecast their business impact. Leveraging our industry expertise, we write reports about specific software market segments for our customers. Reports contain analysis of the main technologies, market trends, key players, competitive positions. Every report contains a forecast of technological development direction, market development and winning players.

Investment research

Investment research reports about leading software companies for professional stock market investors. Our method of investment analysis is based upon that of Warren Buffett. While Warren Buffett is known not to invest in technology stocks, we apply his ideas to software companies of choice.  That is how you get the best of both worlds: Buffetts investment techniques, and our software industry expertise! Much like Warren, we do not focus on recent events: we take a long term view of the stock. Tip: if you are not sure which software company to invest in, ask us to send our best pick!

Company position statement

A service solely intended for companies listed in our Global Software Top 100. A two page report about company activities, market position, software activities and key technologies, plus a statement of confirmation regarding the company position in the Global Software Top 100.


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