IT services companies: healthy growth


Software Companies in the Services Top 100
Top 100
Company Services
Top 100
1 Microsoft 19
2 IBM 1
3 Oracle 30
4 SAP 31
5 Ericsson 11
6 Nintendo N/A
7 HP 2
8 Symantec N/A
9 Nokia Siemens Networks 17
10 Activision Blizzard N/A

IBM is the largest IT services company in the world, according to the newly published Services Top 100, a new research production of the Top 100 Research Foundation. With IT services revenues of $39 billion, IBM Global Services still has a wide lead over HP, despite HP’s acquisition of EDS, which contributed considerably to HP’s services revenues. HP (27.7 billion) is followed closely by Fujitsu (27.1 billion), the largest Japanese IT services company, that grew by a strong 20% organically last year.
The rest of the Top 10 is a colourful list, with one-stop IT shops such as NEC ($9.1 billion), but also consultancy powerhouses like Accenture and Cap Gemini; and in 6th position Northrop Grumman, a supplier of computerized defense systems to the US army. NTT Data (9th position) is the first telco owned company in the list: it is the IT services arm of NTT, Japan’s largest telecom operator. With revenues in excess of 10 billion, it is significantly larger than BT Global Services (12th position) and T-systems (14th position), owned by leading British and German telco operators respectively.

Software companies in the Services Top 100
Most top software companies such as Microsoft (19), Oracle (30) and SAP (31) have significant service businesses to help customers implement and integrate their software into their IT infrastructure. With IT services revenues of $4.5 billion, Oracle is listed just below SUN Microsystems ($4.6 billion). Given the recent acquisition of SUN by Oracle, the combined companies is destined to jump to a position close to the Top 10 in next year’s edition of the Services Top 100. Telco suppliers Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks have substantial services businesses to assist telco's in the rollout of their specialized hardware and software; Ericsson ranks 11th in the Services Top 100, and Nokia Siemens Networks is a few places lower (17th position).
Large software publishers that are notably absent in the IT services Top 100 are CA (number 10 in the Software Top 100), one of the largest sellers of mainframe software, and Symantec, the largest security software maker (5th position in the Software Top 100).
Because of the consumer-oriented nature of their business, game publishers do not usually have any meaningful services department; all 13 game makers in the Software Top 100 are absent in the Services Top 100.

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The Software Top 100 and the Services Top 100 are research publications of the Top 100 Research Foundation.

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