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SAS Institute

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Company information
Primary business sectors Business intelligence software
Secondary business sectors Business intelligence, Analytical software
Employees 10,619
Wikipedia Institute
Software Top 100 position (2011)
Previous Software Top 100 position  
Financial information
Total revenues 2010 (mln US$) 2,430
Total revenues 2009 (mln US$) 2,310
Software revenues 2010 (mln US$) 1,215
Software revenues 2009 (mln US$) 1,155
Software revenue growth (%yoy) 5.2%
Software/Total % 50.0%
General information
Microsoft investor relations url
Financial year end December 31st
Financial year correction  
Software revenue calculation
0,5 x Total Revenue
Other research remarks Rough estimate due to poor quality of available data.

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